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Carefirst Westown are making a conscious effort to reduce waste within our medical centre.  We are taking part in NPDC Resource Wise Business Program.  This program is part of a trial for businesses who are interested in reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill. 

We are delighted to have achieved ‘silver’ stage following an audit of our waste management processes.  Over 55% of our waste has been diverted from landfill and has been recycled or composted.  Now we are working hard to achieve ‘gold’ stage!


It is only a matter of time before positive cases of COVID-19 in the Taranaki community are increasing. Most people who get COVID-19 will have a mild to moderate illness, and will fully recover in their own home. For those who need help, the healthcare system will always be available.

Being ready for getting COVID-19 is about making sure you and your household have a plan and know what to do. It will mean your whānau and community can help each other if needed.

Below is a helpful link from the covid website that will help you and your whanau to be ready.

COVID-19-Readiness-Checklist.pdf (


The government have reduced the interval between a person’s primary vaccination course and the booster from 4 months to 3 months – starting this Friday, 4 February 2022.

Book on line at or drop into our Westown clinic to have your vaccine. No appointment is necessary.

This is a significant step in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it now means a total of 3,063,823 people aged 18 and over – two thirds of our population – will be eligible for their booster from this weekend. Over 1.3 million people have already got theirs.

The Government is urging every New Zealander who is eligible for a booster to get it as soon as possible. We are in a race against Omicron and the more people who are boosted the more we can reduce the impact of the outbreak.

Bringing forward the booster timing will help those who have been immunised more recently. It will mean more people, especially Māori, will be able to receive a booster before Omicron takes hold in communities.

Boosters lower your chances of getting very sick from the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and ending up in hospital. Fewer hospitalisations from COVID-19 will mean our health system can continue to provide the full range of care people need, in particular for our most vulnerable such as people with disabilities or long-term illnesses.


The Carefirst group ask that all eligible patients wear a mask when in our clinics.

The ministry has now mandated that all children from year 4 and older are required to wear masks when at school and in the classroom.  Please note that bandanas, scarves etc are not acceptable as a mask.

If you are concerned about your child wearing a mask you should discuss this in the first instance with your child’s school.

Please refer to the below website for more information about children wearing masks.

Please refer to the below website for more information about mask exemptions

Carefirst Westown Urgent Care Services

From the 20th December 2021 our urgent care services for our patients will be reduced.

Our opening hours will be reduced to 9am – 1pm.

Due to covid our urgent care will continue to run a booking system, please call the clinic if you would like to make an appointment.

The Carefirst team apologies for this inconvenience and hope to be back to 9am – 4.30pm service hours as soon as possible.

ZOSTAVAX – Shingles Vaccine

Almost everyone is at risk of shingles because they are likely to have been exposed to chickenpox as some stage in their lives. The Zostavax vaccination prevents shingles and funding for this is changing.

  • From the 31 December 2021 it will only be funded once for patients and in their 65th year.
  • The ministry has funded a catch up programme for anyone over 65 who has not yet received their vaccine.
  • The vaccine is free for anyone  between 65 and 81 years of age until 31 December 2021.
  • Funded vaccines are only available through your GP practice

At Carefirst we are encouraging all patients to book an appointment with one of our nurses to receive a funded Zostavax vaccination before the opportunity expires on the 31 December 2021.

Call your GP practice, Westown, Merrilands or Moturoa medical centre to book an appointment for your vaccine.


Carefirst Westown and Merrilands Medical Centre are offering covid-19 vaccinations for everyone, you don’t have to be one of our registered patients to book a vaccine or visit to receive a vaccine.

You can book online for either clinic or you can walk into our Westown clinic without an appointment

From November 29 we will be offering BOOSTER vaccinations.

Book online at to make an appointment

Visit covid record to find out when your booster is due.

Make an appointment

Learn more about our different appointment types and how to make them.

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