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Taranaki Paediatrics

Information for Patients and their Whānau :

Service Offered:

I offer Paediatric clinical assessment which includes history and examination, investigations and planning. For all assessments I send out a history and development questionnaire in order to optimise our time and get some background prior to the appointment. If the issues are developmental or learning based I can also send a questionnaire to the preschool/school in order to get an idea of the levels they are achieving, and the issues their teachers are experiencing. It is helpful for you to find out the email contact of the teacher who is best able to answer these questions, and ask them to look for the email.

For ADHD assessments we send out Conners 4 questionnaires via email to two of the options of school, parents and self (self for older children or those who have left full time education.) These questionnaires cost an extra amount, payable prior to, and separately from the appointment, but enable an objective review of attention and behaviour in different situations. The cost for this is $30 total.

Prior to your appointment I will ask for permission to access your medical records at Taranaki Base Hospital.

Making an Appointment:

Bookings are made via the admin team, email Ph 06 753 9505 ext 761. You may need to leave a message. The admin team work Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Appointments are available on Tuesdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm. Follow up appointments can be face to face or telephone consults.

At this time I am not able to offer advice over email.

Funding and Payment:

Payment for Conner’s 4 questionnaires, $30, is payable prior to the appointment. Payable to Taranki Paediatrics, Acc No. 03-1566-0081086-003. Use your child’s name as a reference please.

Payment for the appointment is required on the day of the appointment unless a prior arrangement has been made.

If you are a Southern Cross Insurance member Admin will do a pre-approval of your care and let you know if there is any money owing e.g. shortfall or excess depending on the plan you have. If you have medical insurance with another company please check their refund system.

What to bring:

Any previous medical letters from specialists not available through Te Whatu Ora Taranaki.

An accurate list of current medications including vitamins and supplements.


Simple Initial Consultation                          $400

Simple Follow up Consultation                   $250

Complex Initial Consultation                       $580

Complex Follow up Consultation                $410

Telehealth Follow up consultation              $230

6 week Well Child check                              $150

Conners 4 questionnaires (ADHD)            $30

Admin will advise you prior to the appointment whether your referral classes you as a simple or complex assessment, and whether Conners 4 questionnaires will be helpful.

There are some extra fees for more in depth Developmental and Autism assessments. These will be discussed prior to the appointment as they are not always needed.

ADHD and more complex cases will likely require follow up appointments in order to complete the assessment, prior to discharge to GP ongoing management.

If you would like to discuss significant concerns in your baby check it is better to book a longer appointment so we have time to address these properly.

*fees are inclusive of GST and are accurate at time of publishing, September 2023.

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